Why Us?

We get it, Cycling brands are everywhere, you see them popping up every day, and you are inundated with options and brands, all offering their products at varying price points.  Big-box, boutique, along with the Wiggle monster.  Riders and Teams are spoilt for choice...

Below, we've put together a few reasons why we hope you will choose the Avenir Cycling over the multitude of other brands on the market. 

Our Quality & Performance

Strong, fast, light and durable, our gear will perform and last, ride after ride, wash after wash, race after race.

To do this we source only premium components that have more than proved they are up to the task over years of refinement , and meld them with ultra-modern techniques to bring a best in class product.

A technology-forward company, utilising the latest computer-aided design, garment testing and manufacturing processes, Avenir is at the leading-edge of modern apparel design and manufacturing.

Race-winning performance based on design, testing and the latest technology. We know how the kit you use can enhance performance, comfort - and ultimately your results. We're at the very front-end of kit development.

At Avenir we believe in utilising only the best quality materials and processes to create a truly quality product that will maintain not only it's aesthetic quality, but also be high performance, proving highly durable and long-lasting.  

Our Price

We are a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning that we design, produce and distribute straight to our customers - with no 'middle-person'.  This allows us to reduce our overheads - e.g. a Retail store - and keep our prices down, but our quality as high as our competitors.

Our Materials & Components

Technology forward, research driven and athlete tested.  We use only the latest, best-in-class materials and components in our apparel designs.  We continually research, design, test, and modify.  We keep up to date with the latest offerings from our fabric partners, continually evolving and driving trends and change in the sport.  We are proud to be at the leading edge of cycling apparel design.

Our Customer Care

Our riders and customers are absolutely Number 1 to us. We like to partner with riders and teams on a longterm and ongoing basis. 

Our Customer Care Team is on hand 7 days a weeks to answer any questions or sort any (rare) issues.


Our Retail Service & Experience

Free shipping (retail), 30-day free returns - simple, and zero-stress.  

We appreciate buying online can feel a little risky, and daunting, as you can't physically touch, try and feel the item before purchasing.  So we are more than happy to accept returns and exchanges on all our products if they turn up and you aren't 100% happy.  

We have team members situated locally in all our markets, standing by to assist in any way they can, be it by chat function, message, email or phone.  We aim for customer satisfaction every single time.

Our Promise - Manufacturers Warranty 

We 110% believe in our products.  We use only the best materials and manufacturing techniques, so we stand by that with Our Promise Warranty - a guarantee on all our materials and construction.  If it fails in the Warranty period, we will repair or replace - for free, and, we'll cover the postage.

Our Team

Avenir Cycling is a collaboration of experts in design, product development, technical & performance manufacturing, operations and customer service.  From the outset the mission was to bring the highest quality products, for the best price, to ensure we offer the best value we can for our customers.

Through this collaboration, Avenir has grown rapidly to form a powerful team of experts who work together to bring the best in performance cycling apparel to our customers, with an emphasis on product design, quality, performance, value and service.

Our products are the result of expertise, experience, extensive testing, and a no-compromise approach to everything we do.

Our Sustainable approach

In developed economies, about a third of plastic is used in packaging and about another third in production.  Worldwide, about 50kg of plastic is produced annually per person, with production doubling every ten years. 

We firmly believe in our choice of materials and our considered and ethical approach to production processes, and we hope you will choose our high-quality apparel.

We are always looking for better, more sustainable processes and materials to use in our production, and throughout our company and operations.  We have revamped our packaging to include completely compostable delivery and protective packaging.

Our Commitment to supporting our Communities

Did you know that at Avenir we offer discounts to registered local businesses, educational facilities, military and blue-light service personnel?

We want to get people out on their bikes, so we are proud to partner with local businesses, schools, universities and emergency services to provide quality apparel for their students, staff and employees, as well as supporting local and national charities and events.

We also support up and coming talented people and teams to assist in achieving their goals.

We really hope you will choose Avenir Cycling as your Cycling kit provider.   We'll see you out there.

Team Avenir