Team Kit - FAQ's

We've put together a few of the common questions we get with reference to Team & Custom Kit.

Q. What logos can we place on the designs?

A.  The sky is the limit really!  If you have a logo already, we just need to files (AI/PDF), where you would like the log placed, and we can add the logos to the garments.

Q. How do you print the logos?

A. We generally use thermal transfer printing for logos and wording etc.  This changes the colour of the fabric at its fibre, and is a highly effective and accurate way of printing on our garments.  It will not fade, crack or deteriorate over time.

We can also do silicone transfer logos, and reflective transfer logos on some garments, however these do carry a small additional cost per garment.

Q. Can you help me with my teams logo design?

A.  Absolutely.  Our in-house graphic designers can assist with a logo design.

Q. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

A. For most core items (Jerseys, Shorts, Caps, Gilets, Jackets, Baselayers etc), the minimum order we take is 15 items, per garment, per colour.

For custom Socks, the MOQ is 30 pairs, and for custom Gloves its 50 pairs.

Q. How good is your kit?

A.  Our gear is the result of years of experience in technical apparel development, made from the latest technical fabrics, and tested in extreme conditions by our athletes.  It's strong, fast, and light, and is a proven race-winner. 

All our kit comes with a warranty, so if it fails, we will repair, replace or refund.

Q.  How much are your garments?

A.  On our main website you are able to see the retail price for our garments, but for bulk orders, we are able to offer significant discounted prices.  The exact price will depend on the size of the order, and the amount of customisation etc.

We generally have two standards of kit, Essential and Elite.  For example, the Elite bib-shorts have a slightly different pad, and some other ungraded features.

Q.  Can I get a sample?  

A.  If you wish to have a quality sample before a large order, we can send you our own branded garments to give you a good idea of our design, quality and construction.  If you wish to just check quality, and not test the garments on the bike, we just take a small deposit, and ask that the items are returned unused - for a deposit refund.  

If you wish to test the garments by wearing them, then we require you to purchase the samples at retail price.

Q.  What are the payment terms?

A.  We require payment in full prior to commencing production.  

Q.  Can we get replacement items, e.g for loss or crash-damage?

A.  We are only able to produce garments in the MOQ's listed above.

In the past, we have had teams order spare garments in the most common sizes as part of the main order.  This cost was shared amongst the team, or was covered by the teams central funds.  This additional cost can then be recovered from the team member who requires a replacement due to loss or crash-damage, according to the teams own polices.

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