Race Kit Review - Cadex Wheels

Race Kit Review - Cadex Wheels

Avenir Cycling & HCI Digital Athlete, Samuel Wyatt-Haines, talks us though his all-important wheel selection.


For the past few months I have been testing the Cadex 42 Disc Tubeless wheels which has provided a great opportunity to put some good miles into them.  Quite simply, they are brilliant.  But I will expand and explain why they are worth purchasing...

Cadex Wheels

As the name suggests, they are 42mm deep wheels which hits the real sweetspot in rim depth.  Although I cannot do any aero testing, they felt fast - without any real impact from crosswinds.  The wheels are laced with carbon spokes which offer an incredible level of stiffness, and it is the stiffness of these wheels that really set them apart.  Absolutely no energy you put into the bike is wasted and you really feel like the wheels maximise everything you give.  Combined with a phenomenally fast engagement system in the freehub, the moment you step on the pedals you really get to speed quickly.

Giant TCR with Cadex 42 Wheels



The highlight of the wheels is their weight - or frankly, the lack of it.  At 1327g these are really one the lightest wheels in the market at a 42mm depth.

I was lucky enough to be testing these wheels with a Giant TCR SL Advanced which is also one of the lightest road bikes around.  The weight was really noticeable on steep inclines and also when trying to get up to speed.  But the lightness only works when the wheels are stiff and as already mentioned, these really are.

I noticed absolutely no brake rub even when doing 1500+ watt sprints which I know certainly isn’t the case for other similarly-priced wheels.

Giant TCR with lightweight Cadex wheels


The rims also pair up really well with the 25mm Cadex tyres which I ran as tubeless and they really performed well. I am a huge fan of the Continental 4000/5000 tyres but these Cadex tyres really did perform well.  Good puncture resistance but still provided great control and speed on the road.

Giant TCR and Cadex Wheels

In Conclusion

These would be great wheels for crit or road races.  With the added bonus of the 5 year incident replacement there is the extra security for high end wheels. 

I would also use the front wheel for time trialling as they offer a brilliant all round capability.  Quite simply the best wheels I have ever used.

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SWH is an athlete for HCI Digital, Avenir Cycling, Absolute Black, and Giant Twickenham - all views are his own.