New Kit: Avenir Elite Thermal Bib-Tights

New Kit:  Avenir Elite Thermal Bib-Tights

Welcome to Winter

We are now deep into the Winter season - the weather has turned cold and rainy, and the puddles are getting bigger, and if you are a hardcore cyclist - out on the roads year-round - you'll be wrapping for a little more warmth on the bike if you’re going to ride all through the colder months.

A lot of riders turn to the turbo during these months, however we feel with the current situation its even more important to escape the confines of the home or garage, and get out into nature and feel the (cold) wind on our faces.

As hardy veterans of Cycling and Training through the depths of the British Winter, we have developed our all-new Elite Winter Collection specifically to get the job done, and keep us out on our bikes in all weathers.

Avenir Elite Thermal Bib-Tights

Avenir Elite Women's Thermal Bib Tights

Bib-Tights are some of the hardest working garments you’ll own - usually only used in the worst inclement weather, with puddle splashes, road-spray, frost, rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

Maintaining an optimal core temperature on the bike can be a challenge in inconsistent and changeable weather conditions, especially when you take into account factors like tough interval training efforts or café stops...

A stop/start coffee ride, heavy interval training protocol, or a long ride in cold and wet conditions can make it challenging to reach and maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature.  As well as the chilled-core, or cold muscles, this sort of weather can also cause additional issues such as chafing or discomfort.  

It was imperative for us to ensure we covered these areas in order to design and produce clothing which can perform at its best under these changing conditions.  

As a design team we sat down and outlined the key areas we knew we had to address, and ensure we covered and ticked off:

  • Maintaining an optimum & stable temperature range for performance and comfort
  • Extremely comfortable to wear - for extended periods
  • Supportive - but non-restrictive - freedom of movement
  • Warm - even in temps <0 degrees
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy care and clean - even with heavy soiling/mud/road-spray
  • Durable and long lasting - on the bike, and with repeated washes
  • Safe - high visibility 
  • Sweat-wicking performance - temp regulation and comfort
  • Quick-drying 
  • Anti-bacterial 
  • Anti-odour

Design & Fabrics

Building on our proven foundations and technology, coupled with detailed feedback from our riders - with over 5,000km of testing, racing & training - we've redesigned and improved our performance bib-tights from the ground-up.

We've utilised propitiatory Italian MITI Pinaosa® bib-straps for optimal comfort and support. These straps have been engineered ergonomically to contour to your body shape, and are proven to hold the tights in position to eliminate movement and prevent slipping, hotspots and chafing.

Avenir Thermal Bib-Tights

Superior stretch properties ensure a seamless fit, with no shoulder rub.

The Elite Thermal tights are made from a fleece-backed Italian Lombardia DWR fabric (windproof & water-resistant). This performance thermal fabric insulates and breathes, whilst ensuring durable water repellency.

The Italian Lombardia DWR (Durable Water Repellant) fabric has our best-ever weather resistant properties, as we as 4-way stretch and rebound properties, with added support to high-flex power-zones to reduce fatigue, improve performance and recovery, but maintain freedom of movement.

Combining performance with durability can be a challenge - especially in a technical garment that needs to be strong and long-lasting, warm, but not too warm, yet light and flexible.  Durability usually means added weight, however our DWR fabric is designed to do all these things without weighing any more.

Our riders signalled that movement and flexibility was high on the list of needs, so we’ve added high-flex panels to the back of the legs - at the knees - to ensure freedom of movement.

Our top-rated 3D MITI Dolomiti Pro Chamois completes our performance comfort set-up.

Available in both male and female fits, these Tights will be available as part of our Elite Deep Winter Thermal range. 

See the Elite Deep Winter Collection

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