In Development - Avenir Track & Crit Speed Suit

In Development - Avenir Track & Crit Speed Suit

Track Racing has always been close to our heart here at Avenir Cycling. 

Velodrome racing offers a truly unique atmosphere and experience.  Enter one of the 8 x Olympic-standard Velodromes in the UK, or anywhere around the World, and you are met with the closest thing to an amphitheatre-style experience and gladiatorial spectacle you will find today. 

Bikes are stripped back, single-speed machines - no-frills, no brakes, nothing - just a bike and a rider battling the other guys, or against the clock.

Sprinters can be monster-machines, no need to get over Alpe d'huez and be in shape to contest the sprint, so they never skip leg day.  

The layout and design of a velodrome itself just adds to the drama.  Stand at the bottom of the 45-degree banking and it looks like a wall.  Riders have to maintain a minimum speed to stay on the banking. As a spectator, you sit up in the rafters, looking down on the action in front of you.  We love Road Racing, but as a spectator, the racing itself can go by in the blink of an eye. Unless you find a road-party or head to Norweigian Corner for the beer and 8 laps of the Champs Elyseé…

With the track, it all unfolds in front of you, compressed, undiluted, intense.  All the drama, alliances and betrayals of cycling, all in full view from a grandstand seat with beer and hotdogs adjacent.

Ride the Track, and it is one of the most addictive experiences you can get on the bike.  Get the speed up and ride high on the bank, drop in to the sprinters line and go for a full-effort.  And racing it is like nothing else. An intense rush of adrenaline in the close-knit bunch, knowing you haven't got brakes, but then realising that the guy in front hasn’t either, so don’t worry about it.  Races within races, double-crosses and tactics, or just a rider and their bike riding against themselves, track-racing has it all.

A different sort of riding to the broad, the kit requirements are slightly different to your regular road gear.  So here at Avenir HQ, in collaboration with Crit and Track specialist Samuel Wyatt-Haines, we have been working on our own version of a one-piece Speed Suit, designed for both Velodrome and Crit cyclists.

Engineered to be extremely aero and streamlined, we’ve stripped away anything that you don’t absolutely need.  

No real need to carry much gear on a short, sharp Crit race, so we’ve done away with the regular jersey pockets, but we have added flat, streamlined pocket openings at the small of the lower back, should a Crit cyclist need a gel or two mid-race.

We’re designing both a long, and a short-sleeve version, depending on your comfort and performance preference, and racing conditions.


  • Made from our new ProTech™ 240 Denser Fabric
  • Nylon-core weave for compression and durability 
  • Shell-mesh tech-fabric in high temperature areas
  • Low-cut collar
  • Italian MARC silicone-injected, powerband leg opening
  • 3D Italian Dolomiti PRO chamois
  • Pro, slim fit, compressive, but not restrictive
  • YKK Smooth-slide Vislon Zipper

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