We recently published a blog post around one of the latest hot topics in the Cycling World - the recent decision by the UCI to outlaw some riding techniques that they deemed to be unsafe.  

Included in the post was information from leading aerodynamic experts Len Brownlie and Nathan Barry, based around the actual real-world advantages of aero techniques in road cycling - and if it's all what its cracked up to be.

Below, we've expanded on the interview to include further details and information around kit, clothing and equipment - and how much these can affect aerodynamics and performance in road cycling.

Pogacar, Van der Poel, Pidcock and Alaphilippe among the big names ready to compete in Tuscany... 

A star-filled start list that includes no less than 4 x  Grand Tour winners and 8 x Monument winners, plus many more big hitters too...

Check out Avenir's Top 10 picks to keep an eye on during the 184-kilometre race, which starts and finishes in Siena, Tuscany.

The latest hot topic in the World of Cycling are the new rules brought in by the UCI banning various riding styles that they deem as dangerous in racing and training, with hefty fines for those who disobey the new rules...

We've put together the in-depth, comprehensive information, straight from the experts, about the real benefits of aerodynamic riding, and the real reasons riders strive to ride in the most efficient way possible, seemingly taking risks to do so...

Avenir has built its reputation on bringing elite-quality road and racewear to the market, with a focus on performance, durability and comfort. 

Bringing a high-quality, high-performance Women's range has always been on the Avenir roadmap.  We are delighted to announce that the all-new Avenir Elite Winter collection will be available in both male and female orientated fits.

Riders and racers looking for warmth in cold conditions often have to compromise on speed and ease of movement by wearing a bulky, protective jacket.  Not so with the all-new Avenir Elite Thermal Winter Jacket.  A fitted, cold-weather outer layer, which comes with a zip-in removable quilted gilet for class-leading warmth when conditions dictate - warmth, but without the volume.
We are now deep into the Winter season - the weather has turned cold and rainy, and the puddles are getting bigger, and if you are a hardcore cyclist - out on the roads year-round - you'll be wrapping for a little more warmth on the bike if you’re going to ride all through the colder months.  Bib-Tights are some of the hardest working garments you’ll own - usually only used in the worst inclement weather, with puddle splashes, road spray, frost, rain and freezing temperatures.
Power meters are great. They offer an objective number to determine how much force you are putting into your bike. In very simple terms, the more power you create, the faster you go. Having a tool to help determine how much force you are putting into your bike can assist you with how you train, race and recover.
In 2019 Giant released their latest iteration of the Giant Propel. A now fully integrated aero racing bike with disc brakes to compete against the ever growing market of machines built for speed. With the design remaining the same going into the 2021 season I thought a review of my 2019 Giant Propel Advanced 1 Disc would be useful for those interested in purchasing this model.